[Chunji Scenario] Sleeping Beauty~ 

*~~~*= your name 

Chunji sighed as he waited for his friend, *~~~*. She was busily putting her books away in her locker and getting her lunch box. *~~~* and Chunji would be going outside for lunch today like they did everyday. Even in the winter, *~~~* would drag Chunji outside for lunch with her; Her reason being that the lunch room was too loud. But today was different than the other times Chunji spent lunch with *~~~* Today was February 14th. Valentines Day. The day Chunji was sure he would tell *~~~* how he felt. Everyday, Chunji had planned on confessing, but he always made up an excuse. He ran his fingers through his red hair. The color matched almost every single Valentine decoration in the school. Chunji watched as *~~~* quickly wrapped her scarf around her neck and button her coat. “Ready for Lunch? We’re gonna eat on the school roof top today okay?” *~~~* said happily, her smile reaching her eyes. Chunji nodded and returned the smile. His heart fluttered. Is it normal to feel this way?, Chunji thought. He swallowed nervously. He reached into his coat pocket and felt a bag of cookies, still warm from baking. That morning, Chunji had asked L.Joe to help him make cookies. With L.Joe’s careful instruction, Chunji was able to make cinnamon cookies, *~~~*’s favorite. Although the cookies were misshapen, they were edible and Changjo, Chunji’s cookie taster, had said they were delicious. Chunji felt a tug on his sleeve as *~~~* led him to the school rooftop. Once they were on the rooftop, *~~~* ran over to the fence surrounding the top of the school and sat down on the ground. Chunji followed her. They both ate their lunches as Chunji listened to *~~~* talk. He studied her face. She had looked quite tired; probably from studying so much, but she still looked cheerful. Come on, just tell her you like her, Chunji thought. As Chunji was lost in his own thought, *~~~* had become quiet. He looked over at her. She had fallen asleep, the chopsticks still in her hand. Idiot, i was suppose to confess to you. You can’t fall asleep, Chunji thought. He looked at *~~~*. She looked so peaceful. So innocent. His gaze shifted to her lips. Just one kiss, Chunji thought. He slowly leaned closer to *~~~*. Making sure not to wake her up, his lips gently grazed the corner of her lips. *~~~* stirred. “Chunji……i have to tell you something…..”, *~~~* muttered. Chunji stiffened. Her eyes were still closed. She was still dreaming. “I…..like…you….” she muttered. Chunji chuckled. With new found confidence he leaned towards *~~~* again, this time kissing her lips instead of just the corner. *~~~*’s eyelids fluttered. Chunji pulled back, but his lips were only a few centimeters away from hers. Slowly she opened her eyes. “Chunji…” *~~~* said, she was still dazed from sleeping. Chunji stared into her eyes. He took his hand and wrapped them around hers. “Did you have a good sleep, Sleeping Beauty?” Chunji asked. *~~~* nodded but blushed from Chunji’s touch. Chunji pushed back a strand of her hair. “*~~~*..i…um….will you….be my girlfriend?” Chunji asked nervously. His eyes moved to the ground as if the he were asking the ground instead of *~~~*. *~~~* grinned and gently placed a kiss on Chunji’s cheek as a “yes” answer. Chunji smiled. “Are you still tired?” he asked playing with her hair. *~~~* nodded. She leaned on his shoulder for support and within minutes she fell asleep again. Goodnight Sleeping Beauty, your prince will wake you up very soon, Chunji thought. He lightly pecked at her lips and looked at the winter sky, forgetting about the Valentine cookies still in his pocket.~

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